Weng On Tam leads TCS’ nationally recognized Quality Assurance Program (QAP) and Owner Verification Testing and Inspection (OVTI) team. Weng On has been a leader in developing and implementing QAPs that utilize contractor (or independent quality firm) since 2002 when he helped TxDOT develop, negotiate and implement the first project-specific design-build (DB) QAP, owner verification testing and inspection plan (OVTIP), and first version of I2MS (owner verification analysis software) for TxDOT’s $1.3 billion SH130 Segments 1 – 4 project. Weng On also was the Project Manager and Lead Technical Consultant that helped TxDOT develop and negotiate with FHWA for the approval of TxDOT’s first statewide/programmatic DB QAP and second version of I2MS.

Weng On leads the TCS team that supports TxDOT’s Materials and Tests Division (MTD) statewide with TxDOT’s DB QAP across all aspects of the program. Services provided include:

  • Updating the DB QAP
  • Updating the DB QAP Implementation Guide
  • Developing and updating the OV Report Guide
  • Developing training material
  • Conducting training for DB project teams
  • Reviewing quarterly OV Reports
  • I2MS software support and development of the I2MS replacement
  • Troubleshooting and resolving program and project challenges

Additionally, Weng On leads the TCS team in serving as the DB QAP/OVTI Lead Technical Consultant for Arizona DOT, Alabama DOT, and South Carolina DOT where TCS supports projects in those states in addition to projects in Texas. He also has the distinction of being on FHWA’s DB QAP/OVTI training team where he has conducted training for a number of DOTs. Recognized as a national DB QAP/OVTI expert, he has made presentations and published technical papers nationally, and is a long-serving member of Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) Quality Assurance Management committee and subcommittee on Quality Management for Alternative Project Delivery.

Weng On is supported by other TCS experts in delivering QAP and OVTI services and conducting training for multiple State Departments of Transportation. Each of the other TCS experts have their own individual QAP/OVTI experiences that they brought to the team.